We have some pretty cool hardware

It can be easy to forget the hardware that provides the backbone for today’s technological experience.  The servers, T1 lines, firewalls, backup systems and routers which make up our networks and funnel our broadband are often out of sight and out of mind.  There are a couple of reasons we at WSG don’t forget.  Besides the fact that technology is our stock and trade, our robust in-house data center has a nice picture window.

Anytime I wander down the hallway past our conference room, I can peek in the array of hardware supporting our business and our customers.  Racks and racks of servers, StoreVault data storage devices, a Barracuda spam filtering appliance, even a Google search appliance helping to run the online store at Youth Specialties.  As you might imagine, there is a serious APC air conditioner pumping cool air into the datacenter.  As you might not guess, there is a 250-gallon, 125 kilo-watt diesel generator providing continuous electricity.  We have some cool hardware.