This Week’s Favorite Links – May 29, 2009

Google Wave “Is What Email Would Look Like If It Were Invented Today” (LifeHacker)

One of the reasons I find Google so intriguing as a company is that it very often appears to be driven by ideas over immediate profits.  Google Wave, which was announced today and scheduled to be released later this year, is the newest example of this.  Wave is an real-time, open-source communication and collaboration tool and appears to be aimed at stretching the limits of what can be done within a browser.

Wave generated immediate interest.  ComputerWorld asks if Wave is the “Spork of the Internet” while Mashable calls it a “frothy mix” and offers a complete guide as well as a full description of Wave.  Google’s announcement is avaialble in video form here.

Wave might be the most interesting web tool I’ve seen since Twitter – and yes – I’m aware of how odd a sentence that is.

How to Save Your Keyboard After a Spill (LifeHacker)

As soon as I write that I’ve never spilled liquid all over my keyboard, I am sure to do so.  So for purposes of this post – let’s pretend that I’ve done it.  The LifeHacker post linked here includes a video entitled “Keyboard Surgery” which is hard not to like.

Small Business Blogging Gets a Boost (US News)

‘Nuff said.

BlackBerry Wins 101 Domain Names in Single Case (Domain Name Wire)

One of the domains won by Research in Motion in the arbitration case detailed in this post was – amazingly – “” and one can only hope RIM plans to take this domain completely out of circulation.