Mr. Barkev Hagopian

UPDATED: Since we’re getting random traffic for searches on “Mr. Barkev Hagopian” I’m here to tell you it is a spammer nom de plume. He’s also apparently the CEO of something called the Barkev Loan Firm, surely a demanding position, leaving him precious little time to spend with Mrs. Hagopian and all their little Hagopian children.


Spam is funny. And by funny, I mean crippling.


Good day to you. I am looking to work with a reputable firm to mop up most of my portfolio funds under. With your assistance I could evade high taxes that are frustrating the wealthy in US.

Can we work for the mutual beneficial relationship between yourself and my company?

I look forward to your prompt reply

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Barkev Hagopian,