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Love Letter From: Miss. Joy

I thought this delightful piece of spam was for serious real and true until I read the last line. Looks pretty inviting otherwise. But nobody, I mean NOBODY, would use the letter ‘s’ twelve times in the word ‘kiss’. Ten or eleven maybe, but not twelve.


Hi Dear,

I was so fascinated by your id that I was left with no choice than to contact

you at once. I like to enter into a relationship with a man like you. What do

you think? Pls. let me know. Looking forward to hear from you soon .I am in

love with you ok .please send me your pic,


Thank you and God bless



kissssssssssss me with love


The Green Lantern movie is not good. Captain America will save us.

Wait for this to show up in your Netflix queue. Two stars, tops. Next one on the (my) list is Captain America: The First Avenger, in July, which looks great to me.

Loved X-Men: First Class. Surprisingly fun.

Go see it. Next one up is the Green Lantern flick on Father’s Day weekend. (Probably going to stink.)

I loved Thor. Loved it.

The Thor movie is awesome. Go see it. That is all.