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Want to be behind the curve? Use Staples…

G-Serve IT Consulting and Network SupportRegular readers of this blog already know that WSG’s G-Serve network support and IT consulting service leverages remote monitoring, support and reporting.  We use a product called N-Able, and have been for quite some time.

Well, look who thought what we were doing was a good idea.  Staples, a competitor of our parent company, Gile Office Solutions, has acquired Thrive Networks in Boston.  Besides the fact that Staples’ move is just another example of a faceless corporation trying to purchase expertise rather than possessing or developing their own, Thrive uses – you guessed it – N-Able.

To Staples, we say – nice try.  We were here first, and the party’s going just fine without you.

And by the way, if you’re trying to tell the world you are better than the rest, and are technically savvy, you might just try fixing your web page.  See the below image of Thrive’s /Staples page.

Don’t mess with Johnny-Come-Lately.  Call us today at 518-435-0682, or email us to schedule your free G-Serve network and IT evaluation.