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Pew Study: Use of the internet in higher-income households

Wondering about the digital divide, and the difference between the haves and the have nots this Thanksgiving? Visit the Pew Research Center’s site and read their report: “Use of the internet in higher-income households.”

95% of those in households earning over $75,000 use the internet and cell phones and those in higher-income households are more likely to use the internet on any given day, own multiple internet-ready devices, do things involving money online, and get news online.

Leaving the laptop behind, or putting it in the palm of your hand

The Wall Street Journal has a good article today about mobile computing, and how to scale down from carrying a laptop.  I’m a Blackberry addict, but couldn’t really get along without my laptop too.  I also think the WSJ should have an updated photo of a Blackberry.  Scroll down in the article and you’ll see an image two generations old.

The case against the iPhone…

I’m using the Blackberry Curve these days, and I love it, Made the choice for that over the iPhone, mostly because I thought the eyefone would be overkill and I wanted the keypad instead of a touchscreen.  A number of folks around the office opted for the Mac route, and have been happy.  I have, however, started to see a little iPhrustration lately.  See WWD’s take, and anecdotal evidence.

Are you making a phone call or reading a comic book?

As mobile phones become more and more powerful, publishers of all sorts are making every effort to migrate their content.  It is the next significant step in the digitizing of information and entertainment, following the switch from print, TV, film, and CDs to web delivery (yes, that’s oversimplified).  Reuters sheds light on how this trend is taking shape in the comic book industry.