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Pew Study: Use of the internet in higher-income households

Wondering about the digital divide, and the difference between the haves and the have nots this Thanksgiving? Visit the Pew Research Center’s site and read their report: “Use of the internet in higher-income households.”

95% of those in households earning over $75,000 use the internet and cell phones and those in higher-income households are more likely to use the internet on any given day, own multiple internet-ready devices, do things involving money online, and get news online.

Hey – Look at what my new Windows Phone 7 can do!

The headline of the day comes to us from Tech Crunch, regarding popular applications on the new Windows 7 Mobile phone.

The Gas Has Been Passed From iPhone To Windows Phone 7: Fart App Tops The Charts

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

New eBay Application for Blackberry Enables Mobile E-Auction Addicts

Blackberries 3792130154_5216c68e26If you’re an eBay seller or buyer, this is good news for you.  Today, Research in Motion (RIM), the makers of Blackberry smartphones, announced a new, integrated eBay application for its platform.  The creatively-named eBay Application for Blackberry will all users to:

“…search, bid, buy and check their eBay buying and selling activity virtually anywhere. The application leverages the BlackBerry® Push Service to allow users to be wirelessly notified of the status of eBay listings in real-time.” (Source)

If you’re bidding on auctions all the time or selling lots of stuff on eBay, this probably means you will be happy.  Unless, of course, you are already way too obsessed with watching the clock tick down to the end of an auction, in which case this means your addiction can now be mobile in nature.  The value add with this application will be the integration with native features of the Blackberry, such as contacts and calendars, plus the ability to have this at your fingertips without toting around a laptop.

The bigger picture here is that RIM knows the Blackberry must, must, must make the transition from business use, which it dominates, to the fun side of life where the iPhone and Android phones are more prevalent.  This is a stab in that direction.  I tend to think of antique dealers when I think of eBay, as well as thinking of the cheesy look of the site.  So combining eBay and Blackberry seems somewhat off, but I get it.  What would be interesting shopping integration would be Amazon integration for Blackberry, complete with media downloads.  Hm.