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This is the kind of tablet I carry.

Here’s what happened on our weekly radio appearance on Talk 1300 this morning with Paul Vandenburgh.

WSG VP Jim Gile joined me to talk Christmas and holiday offering.  Jim’s offering free local delivery if visitors enter coupon code “CRIBA” at checkout to take advantage of this offer.

This is the Toshiba Portege tablet PC i carry.  It’s a great tool for meetings.  We sell them, by the way.  Hint hint.  Paul referenced it, and I’m at the Rensselaer Rail Station typing on it now.

We also talked about our CRIBA event on Wednesday.

Firefox 3.0 Debuts to Good Reviews; 15 Million-Plus Downloads

Web browser Mozilla Firefox version 3.0 was released this week, and not only has it been downloaded over 15 million times since this past Tuesday, the reviews are very favorable.  Here’s a sampling of the reviews I found:

Chicago Sun-Times: Brilliant Like a Fox

CNet: Firefox’s Wildfire

Washington Post: Building a Better Browser

PC Magazine: Firefox 3

InfoWorld: Firefox 3 Comes Out Siziling

ChannelWeb: Firefox 3 Versus Internet Explorer Firefox 3

Firefox 3.0 is shiny and happy.If I was to summarize the reasons stated in the linked reviews into one message, it would be that stuff very often works better on Firefox than on Internet Explorer.  When Internet Explorer 7 was released, the reason it appeared so radically different to many users was that Microsoft tried to incorporate many of the productivity enhancing features of Firefox, like tabbed browsing, but did so in a very clunky way.  IE7, and 6 for that matter, is also noticeably slower, and far more annoying than Firefox, especially version 3.  IE version 8 is in development.  I have been testing the beta version, and have yet to see much in the way of improvements.  A number of sites just flat out break, or don’t display well in 8, which makes designers and developers (us) nervous…

So download and install Firefox 3, import your bookmarks/favorites from IE, and start having a better web browsing experience.

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