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The Joy of Tweeting

So Twittering is turning out to be fun, and interesting.  Haven’t made the big leap from social networking to business deals, but I did experience the co-mingling of the physical world and Tweet-World this week.  While attending a Search Engine Strategies seminar in Boston, the speaker, search engine marketing guru Jennifer Laycock started talking about Twitter, what the deal is, how to use it, and why it is useful.

She looked up and said “By the way, is there a Justin here?”

I raised my hand and said “How ya doin?”

A day or two prior, I found her on Twitter and replied to a post of hers which mentioned Boston.

I posted back to her:

justincresswell @JenniferLaycock looking forward to your seminar tomorrow in that nice city in which you’re having lunch.

To which she Tweeted:

JenniferLaycock @justincresswell You’re going to be in my class? Excellent! Please make sure you introduce yourself.

I felt complelled to post this gem:

justincresswell is sitting at the SEM session listening to… talk about…Twitter. Kuhl.

So it was funny.  Jennifer, by the way, is very good.  If anyone has the chance, you should attend one of her sessions.  Here’s a link to her upcoming Small Business Marketing Unleashed conference this September.

PS – In a follow up email, she was careful to remind me of the essence of Twitter: “P.S. It’s not stalking, it’s observing. ;)”

My Twitter Post Annoyed Danielle…

Twitter betrayed me.  I wrote “justincresswell Listening to Danielle complain about a laptop she never uses.

By the way – WSG is now available on Twitter – go to to see what we’re up to, or follow me if you wish at

Have you Twittered today?

Somewhere in between blogging and social networking lies Twitter.  Twitter asks one question – “What are you doing?”  It is similar to the “what are you doing now” spot on a Facebook profile, it also resembles a blog because Twitter it saves each post of the members activity.  Twitterers (?) post their deeds, musings, ideas just like a blog except that each post is limited to 140 characters, and you can (again, like a pure social network site) choose which other members you want to watch.

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