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First Screenshots of Google Chrome

The unofficial Google blog Google Blogoscoped has screen shots of Chrome.  I guess we’ll take what we can get as we await the release.  Our own Jason Murray said it best on Twitter this morning:
“Reading about chrome….and waiting for the download to become available….I’m just a tech junky I guess…need my fix!“about 2 hours ago from TwitterFox”

If it was anyone else but Google…

I had not heard this rumored earlier, but Google is set to release a beta version of its own browser on Tuesday.  They’re calling it Chrome, and it makes sense to do so at this time.  Instead of asking what browsers matter and developing for them, or attempting to trademark the phrase “cloud computing” as Dell has recently done, Google made its own browser and wrote a 38-page comic book to announce it,

E-Mail and search are still the top activities folks engage in online, and Google is already there with GMail, Postini, and Google Apps.  They’ve long been pushing the cloud with Google Docs.  That they’re releaseing a browser just now makes me wonder what took them so long.  Will be hard to compete with Firefox 3 for features and usability, but the Google name will give it a good start.

Award for the “WHO had a website?!?”

For as long as he was on the run, and for as long as he was chased by, well, just about everyone, it is really, really hard to believe that Radovan Karadzic had his own website.  (At least, according to the Clicked blog)  What’s the opposite of search engine optimization?  What’s the call-to-action on his site?  Does one of those crylic tabs mean “Please DO NOT contact us?”

Good Question from Venture Beat about Google and bookmarking

This is a good question from Venture Beat about Google and social bookmarking.  One of those, why didn’t I ever think of that moments.

Google to Acquire Postini

Posted by Justin Cresswell, Director of Client Relations

We are apparently not alone in thinking that the communications security firm Postini offers high-quality products and services.  WSG has been converting our network support clients over to Postini’s spam filtering service with excellent results.

Google showered the California-based company with serious love today, announcing their plans to acquire Postini for $625 million in cash.  Postini joins YouTube and DoubleClick in Google’s portfolio of 2007 acquisitions, and will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the search-engine giant. The agreement is subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to close by the end of the third quarter 2007.

In addition to using soon-to-be Google property Postini’s spam filtering tool, WSG also employs Google Analytics to track our internal web site traffic as well as client sites, and I use many of Google’s free on-line applications.

I switched my personal email from Yahoo! to Gmail about a year ago, and have also been very happy with Google Calendar.  The ability to create multiple calendars, and color code them is very useful.  I have general entries, like client meetings and work obligations colored blue, personal items as orange, sales and marketing activities as green, and all US holidays as red.  The calendar allows users to check and uncheck which calendars appear at any given time.  It’s a very easy way to keep all of my events in one place, while also maintaining the necessary separation between roles and responsibilities.

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