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Must Read: IBM Provides Smartphone Data Services for Solar-Powered Robot Car Journey From Italy to China

UPDATE: A picture of the car is here.  Can you say E-Love Bug?

This is a must read, if only to see what the headline really means.  I found it as a press release on

IBM Provides Smartphone Data Services for Solar-Powered Robot Car Journey From Italy to China

Here’s the first sentence.  I dare you not to click through and read it:

MILAN, Italy – 26 Jul 2010: The VisLab Intercontinental Autonomous Challenge (VIAC), an epic 13,000km journey from Parma, Italy to Shanghai, China using unmanned, solar energy powered vehicles, aims to showcase the benefits of green transport. (Full article here.)

I hope it looks like this, but I doubt it.

Creative Commons rights owned by

Creative Commons rights owned by

More World Cup fun – I bought a vuvuzela and it came TODAY!

my vuvuzela has a first name...As we said earlier today, the W in WSG is for World Cup these days.  So much so, that I felt compelled to purchase one of those awesome horns you hear in the background at all the matches.  That’s right – my very own vuvuzela!

For about $13, inclusive of shipping, I have in my hands a little piece of the World Cup.  If I blow it in my house, my wife is sure to send me straight to the proverbial dog house, but it just might be worth it.  I wonder how people would react if I tooted the horn in a pub, or other public place?  Perhaps that will follow in an upcoming blog post.


What do you think?  Is the vuvuzela annoying, or fun?  Leave me a comment to let me know!

If you don’t know what this piece of red plastic is all about, Wikipedia says it best:

The vuvuzela (English pronunciation: /vuːvuːˈzeɪlə/, also known as lepatata (its Tswana name) and stadium horn, is a typical 65 cm (2 ft) plastic blowing horn that produces a loud, distinctive monotone (B3, the B♭ below middle C) note. A similar instrument, known as the corneta, is used in Brazil and other Latin American countries. Many types of vuvuzela, made by several manufacturers, may produce varying intensity and frequency outputs.[1][2] The intensity of these outputs depends on the blowing technique and pressure exerted.[1]

The vuvuzela is most used at football matches in South Africa.[3] It has become a symbol of South African football as the stadiums are filled with its loud and raucous sound that reflects the exhilaration of supporters.[2][4] The intensity of the sound caught the attention of the global football community during the 2009 Confederation Cup in anticipation of South Africa hosting the 2010 World Cup.[4]

Vuvuzela 101 from

A Very Annoying Site:

If you’re an avid – or even addicted – Blackberry user, do you care about looking at pictures of celebrities using their Blackberries?  And if you are a celebrity gossip fan, do you care to know how celebrities are using their Blackberries?

My answer to both (and for the record, I fall into the former category, not into the later) would be NO!

Looks like I may be wrong, at least on one count.  I came across today.  It seemed like a joke at first, but it appears the site has been posting content since October 24, 2008 (which is also my younger daughter’s birthday).  The first post was entitled Eva Longoria Uses A Blackberry Bold, and most of the posts include headlines which are equally useless.  For example, check out this list:

Katy Perry Works Out With Her BlackBerry

Cheryl Cole Holds BlackBerry In One Hand…

Audrina Patridge Talking On Her Blackberry

Miley Cyrus Is Rockin’ Some Funky Tights, & A Funky Bedazzled BlackBerry

Somewhere, someone is finding and posting these pics, day after day after day.  Wow.

Is this WSG’s Favorite Video?

This video of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is our favorite, at least in the “Comedic Remix of an Unfortunately Exuberant Man” category.  Or perhaps it is only favored by me and our Creative Director Danielle McMahon.  Or maybe I’m the only one who likes it.  Whenever someone says the word “Developers” out loud I think of this clip.  Enjoy.  (A shorter clip from the original video is below.)

As Danielle says – “His voice cracking is soooo awesome!!!!!!!!!”