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NY Times: As Browsers Battle…

NY Times writer Farhad Manjoo wrote a brief review on the four main web browsers, and the re-started browser wars on today’s Circuits page.

He ranks Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer 8, Apple’s Safari, Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox – in that order – from worst to first.  His viewpoint on Chrome is one I share, and which has lasting implications for the future of web browsing.

Chrome handles the big things – security, scalability, usability – very well.  The things it doesn’t handle at the moment – plugins and addons – have fixes in the works.  Quoting Manjoo: “Google has just outlined a way for coders to create such plug-ins. If programmers start pumping out add-ons, Chrome could be unbeatable.” How we read online offers this primer regarding online reading habits.  It mentions Jakob Nielsen, who is well though of around the office, and also links to an academic essay entitled Hamlet’s BlackBerry: Why Paper Is Eternal.