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This is your brain…. This is your brain on?

OK, as someone who used to spend a lot of time selling toys online – and as a father of 2 girls (11 and 13), a child of the 80s, and the owner of a technology company — I found this quite compelling:

Should more girls be engineers?  Sure.  But, should they still wear pink?  Why not?

ABC Afterschool Special….  over.


WSG comments for WNYT TV 13 on the Epsilon customer data breach

WNYT’s Beth Wurrtman was kind enough to ask us for our opinion on the impact of the Epsilon customer data breach. I met her at Professor Java’s on Wolf Road in Albany since she wanted to catch a few other folks for man-on-the-street commentary. We’re always very appreciative to be thought of. Beth’s a joy. Here’s the video:


The Power of You Tube

Wondering about the power of You Tube? Try this on for size.

Embedded here is an unremarkable video I posted to You Tube last weekend. I mostly wanted to see how well my new Android phone would do with the direct capture and upload to You Tube, and it performed pretty well.

The back story is that I live in Albany, NY – as you already know – and we’re getting hammered with snow and cold temperatures this winter – as you already know. The snow and ice is building up on everyone’s roofs, and we’re all trying to keep our houses from collapsing or flooding with melted snow. It is really fun. Who needs summer.  Here’s the video:

As of this posting, the video has over 500 views (Updated: 642 views on 2/8/11), not a huge number of views, but it was enough for Google to invite me to join their ad revenue sharing program.

So why does this matter, you ask?

1. This video was easy to make and easy to upload and was seen by far more people than read the average post on this blog.

2. The content was timely, relevant, and easy to digest. Note the comments. People are invested in this topic, and have something to share.

If I were a business specializing in home maintenance in a cold climate, do you think using You Tube videos would be a good way to market my business? What if i had simple intro and outro graphics on the video with my business name, phone number and web address? And how much did this cost me?

There’s your answer.

LATimes: Hulu to start charging for programming

I know plenty of people who have dumped their in home cable television service in favor of video content from web sites like YouTube, Hulu, Netflix and other download or streaming media sources.  Hulu will now apparently look to monetize come of their content with a $9.95 subscription offering.  The LA Times reports that Hulu will start testing this offering at the end of May.

How much are you willing to pay for this kind of service?  Does it even interest you?

Is this WSG’s Favorite Video?

This video of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is our favorite, at least in the “Comedic Remix of an Unfortunately Exuberant Man” category.  Or perhaps it is only favored by me and our Creative Director Danielle McMahon.  Or maybe I’m the only one who likes it.  Whenever someone says the word “Developers” out loud I think of this clip.  Enjoy.  (A shorter clip from the original video is below.)

As Danielle says – “His voice cracking is soooo awesome!!!!!!!!!”