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Does your SMB have wireless internet?

Research firm Forrester found only half of businesses with 100 or fewer employees enjoyed the benefits of wireless internet access, while nearly three quarters of of companies boasting 500 to 1000 workers used Wi-Fi.  As Information Week stated in it’s November 5 issue, that’s a clear competitive disadvantage for SMBs.

WSG can help you decide if you have a need for Wi-Fi, and then perform the installation if needed.  We’ve done this for numerous clients, including Anna Maria at the Gregory House restaurant and bed-and-breakfast in Averill Park, NY.   We also happen to fall into the half of SMBs which use Wi-Fi in-house.  We can take a look at your existing wireless setup to see if it has proper security and necessary signal strength.  Most companies don’t want to give internet access away for free to its neighbors or give an easy path into their data networks.  Are you sure you’re not doing either?