It just got a little easier to want Sandy

We mentioned personal email assistant service I Want Sandy last month, when it was still in beta testing. Today it became a real, live web application.

Albany Convention and Visitor’s Bureau retains WSG

We’re pleased to report that the fine people of the Albany Convention and Visitor’s Bureau has chosen WSG as their network support partner.  We appreciate how important information systems are to the ways in which the Bureau serves Albany County, and we are very pleased to support the Bureau in those efforts.

CEO Michelle Vennard and her highly capable staff do a great job advocating for Albany as a destination, and bringing new and repeat visitors to our state’s capital.

For those not familiar with the Bureau…

“The Albany County Convention & Visitors Bureau (ACCVB) was incorporated in 1976 to promote the New York State Capital as a destination for visitors and convention delegates. ACCVB has been assisting meeting specialists for more than 25 years, acting as a community concierge to attract and assure successful meetings, conventions and events held in Albany. ACCVB staff works with its board of directors, members, volunteers and other hospitality organizations to contribute to the ever-expanding hospitality industry in the Capital Region and beyond.

“ACCVB also operates the Albany Heritage Area Visitors Center (located at historic Quackenbush Square, corner of Clinton Ave. and Broadway in downtown Albany) and the Information Desk at the Albany International Airport.

“The ACCVB is an independent, not-for-profit corporation and serves as Albany County’s official tourism promotion agency (TPA) as well as an administrator of the Capital-Saratoga Region’s marketing efforts.”

I want I Want Sandy!

Web Worker Daily blog, always a great repository of information, had an especially good one today.  They reviewed I Want Sandy, an email-based reminder tool.  It’s a personal email assistant.  After you sign up for the service, you send emails to your specific email address, and it (she?) reminds you of stuff.

Tell her (it?) “Remind me to call Rick Cataldo tomorrow at 10 am” and Sandy will send you an email reminder.  It’s in beta testing now, but I’m a fan of the reminder part and the free part.

How do you measure your web traffic?

How do you measure the usefulness of your web site?  Do you track and analyze your web stats?  Do you have a tracker on the site, but never look at it?

Just yesterday, when showing a client how to navigate their newly installed web stats, I was reminded of the importance of metrics.  It seems that if someone is aware of search engine optimization metrics and stats are important to them.  No business that I have encountered believes that return on investment is not important, especially on the web.  It seems like more of a blind-spot or just an unawareness of how much data is slipping through their fingers every day by not tracking stats.

If I don’t get to you first, drop me a line so we can talk about how to measure and then improve your web traffic.

The best sushi in Albany, NY

A couple of times per week, a group of WSG staff goes out to dinner, and then returns to the office to work late.  The venue for dinner varies, but usually includes sushi of some sort.  Being the hard-core truth-seekers that we are, there is always a desire to find and then consume the best sushi available to us.

It seems like we’ve found the best stuff in the area at Koto’s, which is located at 260 Wolf Road in Latham.  We went there tonight, and had a delicious mix of yellow-tail, salmon, tuna and something quite remarkable called the “Jim Roll” which seems to be named after our Vice President Jim Gile.  We’re big fans of the special wasabi, which was powerful enough to engulf my entire head in spicy goodness.

How is sushi related to technology services, web design, network support or any other WSG staple?  Good question.  You may have to become one of our clients to find out.

The Wide World Wide Web

Looking at sites like the business tech page on cnet, InfoWorld’s blogs, or this map of the web brings to mind how much there is to know about information technology, web design, software programming, security and privacy, and all the hardware that drives it.  It also brings to mind how fortunate our firm is to have so many legitimate gurus, which is why we’re able to provide a wide variety of solutions.  This depth of knowledge helped us land our latest client, about which we are very excited.  I haven’t asked permission to mention them by name in our blog, so they will remain mysterious for now.  They mentioned our depth of abilities as one of the reasons they chose to do business with us.  As I told them, it’s nice to know the business model works.

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